100,000 names for PR: let’s get fair votes on Parliament’s agenda

7 Feb 2017

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Four months ago, an electoral reform supporter started a petition on the government’s e-petition site to introduce a proportional voting system for Westminster elections.

Today, it has over 60,000 signatures – and is growing by the day.

With eight weeks to go, this petition from Makes Votes Matter (and backed by us at the ERS) has a real chance of reaching the 100,000 needed to be considered for a Parliamentary debate.

We need around 700 signatures a day to be sure of getting there. It’s ambitious – but we think it can make it.

Alongside Chuka Umunna MP’s motion for debate on PR – which with nearly 70 MPs behind it, is gaining ground among his colleagues – we now need the biggest public push for fair votes to build the case for reform and keep up the pressure.

A debate in Westminster would put electoral reform back on the political agenda. It needs your help to get it over the threshold. 

The petition reads:

To make votes matter, adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections

“The vast majority want PR. Our FPTP voting system makes Parliament unrepresentative. One party got 37% of the vote and 51% of seats, while 3 parties got 24% of the vote but share 1.5% of seats. FPTP violates the democratic principle of majority rule and causes problems like costly policy reversals.”

The petition goes on to say:

“There are tried and tested PR systems that keep the constituency link. They would make every vote matter equally, rather than allowing a minority of swing voters in a few marginal seats to pick the government.”

Please sign the petition today and share with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Thanks for your support – let’s get this to 100,000 and put PR on the table.


8 Responses to 100,000 names for PR: let’s get fair votes on Parliament’s agenda

Colin Herriett 8 Feb 2017


Nicholas Tallentire 8 Feb 2017

Prevents elected dictatorship. The present government has 24% of the popular vote but seems completely unihibited by that fact.

Mark Dobson 8 Feb 2017

The second “petition” links to the motion, not the petition.

Ate Schurer 8 Feb 2017

Mixed Member Proportional Representation for Canada !!

Barry 10 Feb 2017

I think that would probably suit Canada quite well though its vast geography might cause some problems. Saying that, I hear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone back on his fomer commitment to make sure that FPTP was scrapped for Canada's House of Commons and so Canada's next general election in 2019 will still be held under FPTP.. That is a real shame not just for Canada but for us in Britain too as if Canada got rid of FPTP then we in Britain could point to Britain being one of the last major countries to stil use this archaic system.

Barry 9 Feb 2017

I would favour a Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system for the House of Commons with a threashold from 3.25 to 5% of the national vote with 4% being the ideal so 'wasted votes' were kept to the minimum whilst preventing excessive fragmentation of the party system  with the list part being 'open'.
STV is, as a candiate rather than party-centered system, more suitable for a reformed House of Lords/Senate.

Jonathan Dearth 17 Feb 2017

Changing the voting system isn't a niche subject. I truly believe it is fundamental to every subject that you could care about. Brexit, human rights, international development, social justice, homelessness, health, disability, animal rights & welfare......everything

Richard 13 Feb 2017

I would favour PR.
it would have given UKIP 86 seats at the last election.
we would now have a more right ring Tory and UKIP ruling coalition which would be fabulous.
lets vote for PR....

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