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PCC elections: What price democracy?
Posted by 19th November 2012
cash ballot
Nov 2012

Over the weekend we helped the Mail on Sunday with a few numbers.


They asked us how much it cost to get a single person out to vote for Thursday’s Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. Easy we said.


Fifteen minutes later and the results were stark: £14 a vote. The results were even starker when we had a look at every major national vote in the last decade:


  Estimated Costs Total Turnout Cost per vote
PCC 2012 Elections (Estimate Costs)




Euro Elections 2009 (England and Wales)




2010 General Election




2005 General Election




2001 General Election




Democracy costs money, but value for money matters.


This election has been the very definition of a false economy. The Government splurged on a November election knowing it would add millions to the price tag, penny pinching on the vital information that could have got voters to the polls.