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8 Dec 2016

Here’s to our members and supporters

This Saturday we held our largest members and supporters conference and AGM for many years – topping off what has been a great campaigning year for the ERS. It was a fantastic success, and it was wonderful to have so many members and supporters in one room – including lots of people new to the campaign for fair votes. If you managed to make it, thanks for coming! As well as policy workshops, Q […]
1 Sep 2016

Doing referendums differently

There’s no denying it: referendums have become a central feature of our politics. So it’s about time we started thinking seriously about how we should run them. Since 2011 we have had two UK-wide referendums (on voting reform and membership of the European Union), a Scottish independence referendum, and a Welsh referendum on devolution of powers. The UK is in an extended period of constitutional […]
10 Nov 2015

Red cards and re-negotiations

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron has written to President of the European Council Donald Tusk setting out his demands for a renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the European Union. One of the four planks of the PM’s position is on national sovereignty. He wants to “enhance the role of national parliaments, by proposing a new arrangement where groups of national parliaments, acting together […]
27 Apr 2015

Who’s afraid of sharing power?

If you were to judge British public opinion from newspaper headlines, you would assume we were terrified of the idea of political parties working together. The horror stories of smaller parties ‘holding the country to ransom’ suggest an electorate fearful of multi-party politics and utterly committed to the old model of single-party majority rule. But this ignores an inconvenient truth – Britons […]
9 Dec 2013

Tomorrow's Party: share your vision

This post was originally published by Democratic Audit . Contribute to our Tomorrow's Party consultation here . Kind words are rarely spoken about political parties nowadays. If members of the public think of them at all, they tend to see them as part of the problem with politics, rather than as part of the solution. In 2010, two in three people in Britain believed political parties to be corrupt […]