Enough is Enough

party funding scandals
Enough is Enough
It's time to get big money out of British politics

Enough is Enough

British politics is being polluted by big money.

Scandal after scandal reveals an ever growing arms race, where voters often appear to come second to big donors. Left to themselves the big parties have failed to find a solution.

People are sick to death of party funding scandals. Our politicians urgently need to clean up the way parties raise money.

Good democracy always has a price tag. An open, clean and fair model of funding the parties would give taxpayers far better value for money. It would ensure our politicians don’t have to dance to the tune of trusts, union bosses or City interests.

All the parties have been tainted by party funding. It's time for action.

Read about our report, Deal or No Deal, which sets out the scale of the problem and what to do about it.

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