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Professor John Curtice looks ahead to the 2017 Scottish local elections

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Democracy, diversity and English devolution. Looking forward to the 2017 Metro-Mayor elections

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How voters used Scotland's Additional Member System in 2016

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How transfers of low preference votes affected the 2016 Northern Irish Assembly election 

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Three policies for citizenship education

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from ERS Scotland

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Does Scotland have a Predominant Party problem?

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Lessons from the 2015 Democracy Matters Citizens’ Assemblies on English Devolution.

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Possibilities and Problems

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How Ireland has local representatives and a proportional parliament

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The lack of competative elections is driving up costs

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Our activities in 2015

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Deliberative decision making in Scotland

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power sharing

Wilson Room, Portcullis House, Palace of Westminster

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women in westminster

We predict the number of women in the next Parliament

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party funding scandals

Jess Garland sets out how to put an end to party funding scandals

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First Past the Post Lottery Election

Professor John Curtice on 6-party politics in a 2-party voting system

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future of political party

 Examining the future of the political party

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Catch up with our achievements in 2014

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reforming the EU's democratic deficeit

 Tackling Europe's democratic deficit

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The Liberal Democrat case for local electoral reform

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Labour case for voting reform

Lewis Baston and Will Brett set out the Labour case for local electoral reform 

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Tory Case for Electoral Reform

The Conservative case for local electoral reform

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Mae Maint yn Cyfrif

Gwneud y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol yn fwy effeithiol

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Welsh Assembly reform

Making the Welsh Assembly more effective

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Read about what we've achieved in 2013

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Democracy Max - A Vision for a good Scottish democracy is the result of a 13 month long citizen-led inquiry

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penny for your vote

How much is your vote worth? By Chris Terry

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2013 uk local elections

Looking beyond the 2013 Local Elections. Report by Chris Terry.

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building a better democracy

Our strategy 2013-15

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Women in wales

Women in Public Life, by Stephen Brooks and Dr Owain ap Gareth

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The Sovereignty of the People of Scotland

Report from the first roundtables of the Democracy Max programme

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2012 Scottish Local Government Elections

Report and Analysis, by Professor John Curtice.

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Police and Crime Commissioners

The PCC election, Nov 2012, by Jess Garland & Chris Terry.

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Annual Report

Electoral Reform Society Annual Report - 2011-12

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Democracy Max

Report of the first phase of the Democracy Max programme

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Reforming the House of Lords

Why the status quo isn't an option. Produced in conjunction with the New Statesman.

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ERS Articles of Association & Bylaws

Electoral Reform Society Articles of Assocation  & Byelaws

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English Local Elections 2011

Report and Analysis. By Magnus Smidak and Andy White

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Irish General Election 2011

Report and Analysis by Prof Yvonne Galligan

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Women's Representation in Scotland & Wales

Report on women's representation in the Scottish and Welsh parliaments after the 2011 election

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Working with the Single Transferable Vote

A report for Parties and Councillors. By Dr Martin Steven

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Etholiad Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru 2011

Ysgrifenwyd gan Roger Scully a Dr Owain ap Gareth

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The 2011 Welsh Assembly Election

Roger Scully and Dr Owain ap Gareth

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The 2011 Scottish Parliament election

Report and Analysis by Prof John Curtice & Dr Martin Steven

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What is the Single Transferable Vote?

The Single Transferable Vote explained.

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The UK General Election 2010: In-depth

Report and Analysis of the 2010 General Election, by Lewis Baston

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Why Alternative Vote?

The case for reform

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What is AV?

The Alternative Vote explained.

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Women in Politics

2010 Election Wallchart

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2010 General Election wall chart

Election wallchart

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Welsh Assembly Elections 2007

Report and Analysis, by Hywel Nelson

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Voting in the UK

Fact Book. Clear explanations of all UK elections.

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Voter disengagement

An analysis of political disengagment and what can be done about it.

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STV in the USA

A short history of STV in the United States.

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Scottish Parliament Elections 2007

Report and Analysis, by Dr Martin Steven.

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Local Authority Elections in Scotland

Assessing the impact of the first use of STV in Scottish council elections. Report and Analysis by Lewis Baston

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Review of Voting Systems (Condensed)

Key findings from the Ministry of Justice ‘Review of Voting Systems’ Foreword by Richard Burden MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Electoral Reform.

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The facts and the fiction on Proportional Representation. Preface by Vernon Bogdanor.

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Direct Elections for a Reformed 2nd Chamber

Society report on electing the House of Lords. Foreword by The Rt Hon Lord Richard of Ammanford QC

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Local Authority Elections in England

Report and Analysis by Gertrud Malmersjo

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The General Election 2005

The final ERS verdict on the 2005 General Election

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From paper ballot to e-voting

The Report of the Independent Commission on Alternative Voting Methods.

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European Democracies

An in-depth look at the European Union's different democratic systems.

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Conservatives and the Electoral System

How the electoral system is biased against the Tories and why boundaries aren't the answer.

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Parliamentary Candidate Selection

The report of the Commission of Candidate Selection, by Peter Riddell

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Campaigning under STV

A guide for agents and parties in Scotland.

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Burnley and the BNP

Extremism and the case for reform

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Britain's Experience of Electoral Systems

The Society's analysis on the state of democracy in Westminster, local and devolved government.

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The Alternative Vote: Questions Answered

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Votes at 16 Report

This pamphlet brings together 16 reasons to lower the voting age to 16 in all UK public elections and explains why reform is necessary, fair and long overdue.

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County and European Elections 2009

Report and Analysis by Lewis Baston

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2010 General Election Facts and Figures

The facts and figures behind the 2010 General Election.

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polling station

Full analysis of the local government elections of 4 May 2006.

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