Tell your story

Tell your story

Tell your local paper exactly what you think of the Police and Crime Commissioner election debacle.

We haven’t included standard text. Your own story will add power. If you’ve received no official or candidate information about the elections, don’t forget to say so.

Things to consider:

  • We need answers. If you want to get one message across it’s that those responsible for this farce need to be held to account.
  • We’re looking at the lowest turnout in British history. The Electoral Reform Society has predicted 18% turnout - and that's a pretty conservative estimate.
  • Too Little, Too Late. Most voters have received no meaningful information. We're expected to vote with no idea about the role or the candidates.
  • The Government is trying to wriggle out of this hole. They're saying that first elections are ‘always difficult’. That’s true, but they’ve not only repeated past mistakes they’ve thrown in some new ones...
  • Epic bungles. Take your pick. £350,000 of ballot papers have already gone to the shredder because the Government got the law wrong.
  • Living in London? Voters in the capital aren’t getting to vote. But this does raise big questions about the Government’s ability to ‘do’ democracy which affect us all.

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