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Chris Terry, 22nd September 2014
The indyref aftermath The ERS held its first Labour Party conference event this morning. The subject was “What next after the Scottish independence referendum?”   At one level this should not be so contentious – Scotland has been promised significant devolution of new powers by all three of the big Westminster parties. A very rapid timetable has been established […]
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Juliet Swann, 18th September 2014
Something in the air Scotland is shrouded in a muggy haar today, and it feels as if we've been cut off from the rest of the world in order to concentrate and exercise our democratic right to vote: for or against independence. It feels like a reason to talk to strangers, smile at passers-by. We're making history.   There's […]
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Upcoming Events
23rd September 2014
Sep 2014
What happens if there's a hung parliament?
Lancaster Suite, Midland Hotel, Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS We look at what will happen if no one party wins a majority in May 2015. With Diane Abbott MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Emily Thornberry MP, Lord Maurice Glasman and Katie Ghose.

29th September 2014
Sep 2014
Northern Blues: how do the Tories recapture the north?
Hall 5, ICC, Broad St, Birmingham, West Midlands B1 2EA Following the publication of the ERS's Northern Blues report, which makes the Conservative case for local electoral reform, our expert panel looks at the Conservative electoral and political position in the north.

With Martin Vickers MP, Tim Bale (Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University), Ryan Shorthouse (Director of Bright Blue), Anne McIntosh MP and Katie Ghose.

Close the Gap
Tackling Europe's democratic deficit
What can we do to address the fact that people feel so distant from European affairs? The ERS has 12 practical solutions designed to close the gap.
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