A Vision of a good Scottish democracy

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A Vision of a good Scottish democracy

A Vision of a good Scottish democracy

Democracy Max has given us a wealth of ideas and insights into how to improve Scottish democracy.


These are ideas and suggestions. Many of them are not new but they do have a renewed relevance at this time. We have weighed up the pros and cons of each in our discussions and feel they deserve consideration as interventions to improve our democracy. We suspect some of them are more vital than others and should be acted on quickly.

  • 'Mini-publics' - deliberative local groups working alongside representative democracy, empowering people to run their own towns and villages
  • A Citizens' Assembly - a chamber of citizens, possibly selected like a jury, to check and challenge the elected politicians
  • Funding reform - Parties funded in transparent ways other than through big donations from organisations or rich individuals
  • Better Media - as traditional business models struggle and 'Press Barons' are exposed, our participants suggest ways for a greater number of voices to be heard and for media to operate more explicitly in the public interest
  • Openness and transparency - -a strong assumption that information should be publicly available and a case must be made as to why any information is not
  • A statutory register of lobbying - that sets out who is lobbying whom and why
  • Constitutional clarity - a written set of principles for Scots to unite around - setting out who we are and by which rules we wish to be governed
  • An in built system to review and advise on how the Scottish Parliament and Government fare in abiding by these principles

The full report is available to download here