Voting systems made simple

Voting systems made simple
Voting Systems made simple
Know your AMS from your AV+

Voting systems made simple

Voting systems are the way we elect our politicians. The type of system we use decides whether our government truly represent us and whether we can hold them to account if they let us down.

In Britain today there are several voting systems currently used in different levels of government, and each one has radically different implications for voters, for parties, for Parliament and for government.

Use this section to find out more about the different voting systems, how they work, where they're used and the pros and cons of each system.

The Three Families of Voting Systems

Proportional Representation Mixed Systems Majoritarian Systems
More representative as seats are distributed according to vote share. Combines the features of majoritarian-style systems and Proportional Representation. Systems, like FPTP, that tend to be simple but are highly disproportional.
Party List PR Additional Member System Alternative Vote
Single Transferable Vote Alternative Vote Plus Block Vote
    Borda Count
    First Past the Post
    Limited Vote
    Supplementary Vote
    Two-Round System