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How do countries around the world deal with overseas voters?

In October, legislation was introduced which would enable over 3 million more British citizens to vote. Wondering where the government have found 3 million extra voters? They’re the long-term UK diaspora, as the Guardian termed...

Posted 08 Dec 2023

Over 3 million more British citizens might be able to vote in the next election

Greece changes electoral law, then changes it back

Greece is holding their 2023 elections on 21 May, following protests and delays caused by the deadliest rail crash in Greek history on 28 February. The crash won’t be the only thing that might impact...

Posted 21 Apr 2023

Historically Greek elections have been noted for their rather unusual system of bonus seats

How do Finland’s elections work?

On Sunday 2nd April, voters in Finland will go to the polls to elect a new parliament. Finland’s parliament, known locally as the Eduskunta, contains exactly 200 MPs. 199 of these are elected by Party...

Posted 20 Mar 2023

Central party leaders have little influence over who is elected

How did Denmark get proportional representation?

Denmark today is home to one of the most proportional voting systems in the world, but, for a long time, elections to the Danish Folketing took place using First Past the Post. So why and...

Posted 01 Mar 2023

Carl Andrae