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Expensive Voter ID scheme is neither necessary nor proportionate

The UK government’s Election Bill containing controversial Voter ID provisions is progressing with haste through parliament this month, despite significant alarm over its potential impact. Whilst the government claims the bill will increase ballot security,...

Posted 22 Oct 2021

The government should pause and think again about this legislation

Englishness: The Political Force Transforming Britain

Ailsa Henderson and Richard Wyn Jones discuss Englishness. More details TBA. This event will take place over Zoom. Please note that this talk is for ERS Members. If you would like to become a Member, and...

Posted 21 Oct 2021


Germany’s 2021 election: How Germans vote

This is a guest post from Dylan Difford, as part of a series on elections, party systems and voting methods around the world. This Sunday (26th March), Germany goes to the polls to elect its...

Posted 23 Sep 2021

This election marks the fifth change in Germany’s head of government in the last 50 years