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2021 Conference and AGM

The conference featured a presentation and Q&A session on the Society’s work in 2021, followed by keynote speeches from Dr Robert Ford and Labour for a New Democracy’s Laura Parker. The morning conference was open...

Posted 23 Sep 2021

ERS online meeting

ERS General Meeting

The Society’s Council called a General Meeting of members on 30 July at 6pm, which took place online via Zoom.  17.45  Registration for General Meeting 18.00  General Meeting  Welcome and short introduction by the Chair...

Posted 22 Jun 2021

ERS online meeting

Reporting back from our ERS members’ workshop

Following the 2019 election, we set about revising our campaigning plans for the new political situation in Westminster. As with everything over the last year, the process was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but we...

Posted 04 Mar 2021

ERS Members Workshop