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Lesley Riddoch’s State of Scottish Democracy lecture

Thank you to everyone who made it along to hear author and broadcaster, Lesley Riddoch, present the second of our annual ERS State of Scottish Democracy lecture.   We are pleased to publish a video of...

Posted 28 Sep 2023

Lesley Riddoch

Making Scotland’s Communities Independent (SNP Conference)

What is the best route to powerful communities? A vibrant and powerful local democracy creates the basis for building strong communities. From the pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis people have shown they are willing to...

Posted 20 Sep 2023

SNP Conf 2023 preview

ERS Scotland’s State of Scottish Democracy lecture, 2023

ERS Scotland is proud to host the second annual State of Scottish Democracy lecture. Each year we assess the health of Scottish democracy and institutions at a local and national level. How can decision-making and...

Posted 15 Aug 2023

The State of Scottish Democracy Lecture

Here’s how SNP leadership elections work

The deadline for contenders to put themselves forward for the next SNP leadership passed at midday on the 24th February, so it is now confirmed there are three potential future leaders. Humza Yousaf, Kate Forbes...

Posted 24 Feb 2023

SNP leadership candidates