21st Century Electoral Laws

Parliament needs to take action on Britain’s analogue-age campaign rules.

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The main legislation regulating political parties’ campaigning activity and finance dates back to 2000 – before Facebook (2004) or Twitter (2006) existed, let alone had any role in political campaigns.

Parties and campaigns can now collect huge quantities of personal information with little oversight. The rules on campaigning need to catch up with the digital age.

It's time to shine a light on ‘dark ads’ online

Facebook have just been forced to open up about who is paying for political advertisements online, after we learnt that anonymous groups have been ploughing hundreds of thousands of pounds into trying to change our Brexit debate.

Voters on all sides deserve to know who is paying for online campaign adverts – and why we’re being targeted. It’s time we brought the law up to date so campaigns are transparent about who’s paying for our politics, and why.

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