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The 2022 Welsh Local Elections and the case for STV

On May 5th 2022 voters went to the polls in Wales to elect councillors for all 22 local authorities. These were not the only elections held that day; Northern Ireland held an Assembly election and...

Posted 15 Nov 2022

Time for Change The 2022 Welsh Local Elections and the Case for STV

A big victory on Senedd reform

When Ron Davies described the idea of devolution as a ‘process not an event’ back in 1999 he had little idea his words would come to describe a quarter of a century of reform in...

Posted 16 Jun 2022

Early voting trails come to Wales

This week the Welsh Government announced an exciting series of pilots on flexible voting – trialling, for the first time, new ways to make it easier for Welsh voters to access the ballot box.  Since...

Posted 25 Mar 2022

An exciting development for Welsh democracy