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How do House of Lords expenses work?

As Lords lobby to receive their expenses to work from home, it’s worth taking a look at the current payments system in Britain's unelected second chamber....

Posted 23 Apr 2020

House of Lords libary

Let’s postpone bizarre peer by-elections for good

Even in today’s climate, hereditary peer by-elections are among the more absurd aspects of British politics. Following the retirement of the Earl of Selborne from the House of Lords after almost 50 years in office,...

Posted 01 Apr 2020

28 votes were cast - now a peer is eligible to claim up to £323 per day for life

Another chance to scrap an absurd Parliamentary quirk

A Bill to phase out one of Parliament’s more absurd procedures is making some progress, after being talked out of time by Lords last year. Lord Grocott’s Hereditary Peers (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill underwent its...

Posted 17 Mar 2020

Lord Grocott’s Hereditary Peers Abolition of By-Elections Bill is back