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Inside the backbench burial ground of Private Members’ Bills

Most of the legislation that Parliament passes is introduced and backed by the government. But for thirteen Fridays in each parliamentary session, backbenchers steer the agenda. For those days, Private Members’ Bills have precedence over...

Posted 31 Oct 2018

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ERS in the Press – October 2018

This month we’ve had some fantastic coverage of our issues in the press, here’s just a highlight. Calls to lower UK voting age as Welsh assembly considers change. Our call for a “united franchise” –...

Posted 30 Oct 2018

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The Tories should trust young people

Cecilia George is a former Member of Youth Parliament for Wiltshire and wrote this piece for our pamphlet Civic Duty The Conservative Case for votes at 16 and 17. 16–year–olds are deemed mature enough to join the...

Posted 25 Aug 2018

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