Enid Lakeman Fellowship

We are fundraising for a new year-long research post. Recruitment should start at the end of 2018.

Building an unstoppable case for reform

We need your help to create a new year-long research role at the Electoral Reform Society – funding vital investigations and starting a career in democracy for someone who wouldn’t normally get the chance without it.

When we reach our target, your generous donations will be paying the London living wage for the first Enid Lakeman Fellow from January 2019 – and helping us build an unstoppable case for reform.

What your support will help us investigate:

  • Wasted votes and rotten boroughs in the 2019 local elections
  • The bloated state of Britain’s unelected House of Lords
  • The success of the Single Transferable Vote in Scottish local elections – building the evidence base for fair votes in England and Wales
  • Analysis of party funding and campaign regulations after the Cambridge Analytica revelations

We need your support to ensure we can build a stronger-than-ever case for democratic reform across the UK.

The post is named after our legendary former Research Secretary and later Director, Enid Lakeman, who worked for the Society from 1946 to 1980. She dedicated her life to research on the cause of fair votes – and came to dominate the history of the Society in the twentieth century.

She was eventually awarded an OBE for her work – and twice went to Ireland to successfully defend proportional representation when it came under attack from supporters of the old system. Ireland's system of proportional representation is now seen as a core part of their democracy, in part thanks to her work.

A vital opportunity

This fellowship will not only support vital research – it is also an opportunity to support someone’s career.

It can be hard for many people – both young and old – who have the required drive and skills to get into politics particularly if they lack specific experience, access to the right contacts or political networks. We want to help change that.

Your support will give someone the opportunity to work in politics who may never have done so otherwise – while supporting the work of the Electoral Reform Society at the same time.

If you sponsor the Enid Lakeman Fellow, we’ll keep you regularly updated on the Fellow’s progress – and send you the research hot off the press.

Sponsor the Fellow and you’ll receive:

  • Regular research updates from the Fellow you are supporting
  • Your name as a credit alongside any research you help fund
  • An invitation to our end of year celebration of the work of the Enid Lakeman Fellow
  • Donate £25 a month or more and we’ll add you to the invitation list for our annual summer reception in Parliament.

Support the Fellow