ERS General Meeting

30 Jul 30 Jul

Friday 30 Jul 21 - Friday 30 Jul 21 6:00 pm - 8:00 am

The Society’s Council called a General Meeting of members on 30 July at 6pm, which took place online via Zoom.

 17.45  Registration for General Meeting
18.00  General Meeting

 Welcome and short introduction by the Chair

18.05  Ordinary Resolution (Society Byelaws): PASSED

This ordinary resolution has been proposed by the Society’s Council and requires a 50% majority to pass as required by the Society’s Articles.

18.35  Member Resolution (E-hustings): DID NOT PASS

This resolution is non-binding but will provide Council with an indication of members’ views

 19.00  Voting (on both resolutions)
 19.05  Short break
 19.10  Results
19.15 Close of meeting