The Lakeman Fellowship for Diversity in Politics

Inspired by our history, building for our future

Enid Lakeman, OBE, dedicated her life to the cause of fair votes and came to dominate the history of the Society in the twentieth century. We created the Lakeman Fellowship in her honour.

A year-long scheme, the first Lakeman fellow was hired in 2019 and completed the fellowship in 2020. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the ERS is now recruiting the next fellow.

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"After accepting that politics simply wasn’t for someone like me, it’s hard to overstate how grateful I am to have been the ERS’ Inaugural Lakeman Fellow.

The position is a unique and very special one, and representative of what the Society is all about: making things fairer and striving towards every voice being heard and valued equally.

Getting to see how such a small team packs such a hefty punch – not least at such an important and chaotic time – taught me a great deal.

It feels important that the Fellowship continues to have a future and broaden the conversation. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ also to those who have pledged their support, without which it wouldn’t exist.”

Tash Fodil, Inaugarual Lakeman Fellow

The Lakeman Fellowship

The Lakeman Fellowship for Diversity in Politics is a unique work and training opportunity for those under-represented in UK politics. This year long paid placement aims to provide tailored support to someone who has a passion for politics, particularly those from ethnic minority and working class backgrounds.

Politics needs opening up (1/5 of MPs attended Oxbridge compared to 1% of the general public). The Lakeman Fellowship is a step towards improving diversity, democracy and personal development and an opportunity for you to learn about working in politics whether that’s talking to politicians, writing articles, or organising events.

No CV or qualifications are needed – just a drive to learn, so spread the word and encourage people to apply. If you think politics is ‘not for people like me’, this opportunity is probably for you.

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