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How to improve voters’ confidence in democracy

Tom Hawthorn, Head of Policy at the Electoral Commission contributed this article for our recent report Reining in the Political ‘Wild West’: Campaign Rules for the 21st Century. Not so long ago, election campaigning was all...

Posted 12 Feb 2019

Sanctions should deter breaches

Six ways to rein in the campaign ‘Wild West’

On Monday, the ERS launched a united call for change – with election regulators, campaigners, academics and MPs alike demanding a review of Britain’s political campaign laws.   This week marks 15 years since the...

Posted 05 Feb 2019

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What is a Citizens’ Assembly?

Citizens’ Assemblies are in the news, from the assemblies that led to the referendums on equal marriage and abortion in Ireland, to demands for a Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit to sort out the blockages at...

Posted 24 Jan 2019

What is a citizens assembly

How long have we used first past the post?

We’re right to be proud of the long history of parliamentary democracy in Britain. But the way we elect MPs to Westminster is a relatively new development in that history. There have been countless reforms...

Posted 11 Jan 2019

How old is first past the post