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How do elections work in Norway?

Like most European countries, Norway first adopted proportional representation in the early 20th century, with this October representing 100 years since Norwegians elected their first proportional parliament.

Posted 09 Sep 2021

100 years since Norwegians elected their first proportional parliament

5 events not to miss at Labour conference

Support is growing across the Labour movement for reform of Westminster’s creaking electoral system. 83% of Labour members support PR according to the latest polling, and over 250 CLPs have already passed local policy in...

Posted 09 Sep 2021

Conference organisers are being flooded with motions to reject first past the post

Voter ID could breach fundamental rights, MPs warn

The ERS gave evidence to the committee’s enquiry with Dr Jess Garland telling MPs and Peers that it was “implausible” to suggest that fraud by personation – trying to vote under a false identity –...

Posted 03 Sep 2021

Make no mistake, voter ID will see legitimate voters turned away