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Local Elections 2018: Six things your local council decides on

How much do you know about your local council – what it does, how it’s spending the council tax you pay each month, and how you can affect the decisions it makes? As if often the case with politics, the answer isn’t straightforward. In...

Posted 26 Apr 2018

Wheelie Bins

Seven things you need to know about the local elections

Blink and you’ll miss the coverage, but local elections are happening on Thursday 3 May in England.  A lot has changed since these seats were last contested, in 2014. We had the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government,...

Posted 16 Apr 2018

May 3rd 2018

The birth of Hungary’s Franken-voting system

The three-time two-thirds majority winning political party Fidesz has been able to reshape Hungary’s political institutions because of the 2010 election, in which it won 53% of the vote, and won its first two-thirds majority....

Posted 13 Apr 2018

Hungarian Parliament

Just how popular is Hungary’s Fidesz?

Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party has dominated Hungarian politics since 2010. On Sunday, its dominance was confirmed, as it won its third two-thirds majority in a row, winning 134 of 199 seats. In most European countries,...

Posted 12 Apr 2018

Victor Oban