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Early voting doesn’t have to mean long queues

Two news stories stood out this week. As early voting opened in some US states, images of voters queuing all day to vote were greeted as signs of enthusiasm in America but confusion outside, while...

Posted 15 Oct 2020

How and when you can vote is itself a political issue

New Zealand’s MMP electoral system: how does it work?

New Zealand actor Jack Buchanan explains how MMP works in this music video created in partnership with the New Zealand Electoral Commission. Politics in New Zealand can look to outsiders to be much like politics...

Posted 14 Oct 2020

New Zealand MMP song

ERS in the Press – September

As the government continues to implement new restrictions to fight the second wave of coronavirus, the cracks in Britain’s political system continue to grow behind the curtain. In September we released new research on party...

Posted 02 Oct 2020