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Replace Lords with a senate of the regions to help ‘level up’

Overhauling Parliament’s London-dominated second chamber would help empower the UK’s nations and regions, writes a senior director at the Electoral Reform Society. It’s been a year since Boris Johnson’s victory in the 2019 general election,...

Posted 22 Dec 2020

Reforming the Lords is a rare issue that is popular across all parties

It’s time to put deliberation at the heart of Scottish politics

Last Saturday the final session of the Citizen’s Assembly of Scotland concluded. The assembly, the largest deliberative event in Scotland’s history brought together ordinary people to deliberate over the issues that will shape Scotland. As...

Posted 12 Dec 2020

A House of Citizens could revolutionise Scottish democracy

What is the government’s proposed Democracy Commission?

By Akash Thiara, a Placement Student with the Electoral Reform Society from the University of Nottingham. During last year’s general election, the government pledged that, in its first year, it would set up a ‘Constitution,...

Posted 07 Dec 2020