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ERS in the Press – March 2020

These are difficult and uncertain times, with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most normal activity in politics and across the country this month. Despite the disruption, we’ve been campaigning the most democratic and safe Parliamentary...

Posted 06 Apr 2020

How other parliaments are handling the coronavirus outbreak

The scale of the coronavirus challenge is almost unprecedented in modern Britain. It also presents enormous new challenges for how democracy operates amid a pandemic. This week, the Cabinet met for the first time without...

Posted 01 Apr 2020

New Zealand has set up a new select committee, chaired by the Leader of the Opposition, to scrutinise government decisions

Parliament needs to adapt fast to the coronavirus crisis

There’s a contradiction at times of crisis like this. The need for scrutiny increases, as crucial measures are pushed through that affect all our lives. Yet the time for scrutiny is understandably limited. That means...

Posted 24 Mar 2020

MPs and Peers to be able to contribute to debates and voting from home