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A fair cop for women?

Yesterday, the Labour Party became the first party to finalise its candidates for the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to be elected this November. There have been widespread fears that this new role will be heavily...

Posted 20 Jun 2012

Police lights

Reporting back from Welsh Labour Conference

By Owain Llyr ap Gareth, Research and Campaigns Officer, Electoral Reform Society Wales After entering the empty room an hour before the first of our two fringe meetings at the Welsh Labour conference – looking at...

Posted 19 Mar 2012

No more excuses: Why gender matters in politics

What would society be like if four out of five parliamentarians were women? Maybe we’d be failing on men’s health; or the armed forces (as 9 in 10 recruits are still men), or on the...

Posted 07 Mar 2012

Time for an equal say

The level of women’s representation in politics is an important signifier of a healthy democracy. Yet in the UK only 22 per cent – or 1 in 5 – members of the Westminster Parliament are women. This...

Posted 25 Oct 2011

Big Ben