Brexit Party: Voters denied choice under Westminster’s unfair electoral system

Posted on the 11th November 2019

Polls show voters largely oppose parties having to stand aside on Brexit lines [1].

  • Statement from the Electoral Reform Society for immediate release, 11th November 2019
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Commenting on the Brexit Party’s decision to stand down in 317 Conservative won seats announced today [2] – Darren Hughes, Chief Executive, Electoral Reform Society said:

“The Brexit Party’s decision to stand down in hundreds of Conservative held seats does little to solve our current political crisis – instead it shines a light on its primary cause – our broken voting system.


“Today’s announcement means that for millions this could be a no-choice election. Voters in constituencies up and down the country have their hands effectively tied before polling day and find themselves forced into a binary Brexit-based choice at the ballot box.


“These political manoeuvrings are just the latest example of Westminster’s winner-takes-all electoral system crowding out different perspectives. Combined with high levels of tactical voting with voters forced to support the ‘least worst’ option this could be an election where one party wins yet millions of voters lose.


“Voters and parties should not have to play politics to overcome our broken and outdated voting system. It’s time for a fair electoral system where every vote counts, and citizens’ voices are heard.”

The Brexit Party and Unite to Remain parties (the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru) also support a shift to proportional representation [3].

Recent research for the ERS showed one in four people say they will vote ‘tactically’ this election – up from one in five in 2017 [4].


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