ERS spokespeople comment on citizens’ assemblies and constitutional uncertainty

Posted on the 20th June 2019

  • Contact details: For bids/information, contact Jon Narcross, Communication Officer 07794728820,
  • Spokespeople at the Electoral Reform Society: Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society. Dr Jess Garland, Director of Policy and Research

Electoral Reform Society spokespeople are available for comment/information on citizens’ assemblies and Britain’s constitutional tumult.

Citizens Assemblies are once again in the public eye having been debated in the Conservative Leadership election [1] and with new government plans for one in Scotland [2].

The ERS have helped run citizens’ assemblies over issues such as Brexit and devolution, and recently published a report on moving beyond the ‘Westminster model’ of politics [3], backing a more ‘deliberative’ model of democracy – including expanding the use of citizens assemblies.

Spokespeople are also available for comment on wider constitutional issues, including the democratic implications of the current Conservative leadership election [4].

The ERS recently published new proposals for a fresh model for local democracy in Scotland, featuring permanent citizens’ assemblies to feed into local decision-making [5].

Read the ERS’ latest briefing on Citizens Assemblies:

Read Darren Hughes’ piece on on the constitutional questions posed by the Conservative leadership election:


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[4] See Darren Hughes’ piece in The Times today


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