Forward planning note: Electoral Reform Society to publish major report on 2019 General Election

Posted on the 25th February 2020

Embargoed version of the report will be sent by Wednesday, with a 00:01 Monday 2nd March embargo.

The UK’s leading pro-democracy group will launch extensive new analysis of the 2019 General Election next Monday (2nd March), in a report on December’s vote.

The Electoral Reform Society will publish its comprehensive report, featuring exclusive research on:

  • The extent of tactical voting in December’s election, based on previously unreleased YouGov polling
  • The scale of ‘ignored’ or wasted votes (which didn’t contribute to the local result) by party and nation/region, across the UK
  • The scale of disproportionality – just how warped the results were in terms of representation, again by nation/region and party. Which parties’ voters lost out most, and where?
  • Exclusive new analysis of the results in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • How it could have been: Modelling of the results under different voting systems, including the Additional Member System (used for the Welsh Senedd and the Scottish Parliament) and the Single Transferable Vote (used for elections in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), based on previously unreleased YouGov polling

An embargoed version of the full report will be sent out on Wednesday this week.


The ERS is the UK’s longest standing pro-democracy organisation, and publishes high-profile research by experts, assessing the health of British democracy.

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