Ops Note: New Electoral Reform Society General Election ‘Results Hub’ – plus election experts available for comment

Posted on the 6th December 2019

Not for publication, 6th December 2019. ERS spokespeople available for interview: contact mediaoffice@electoral-reform.org.uk

The Electoral Reform Society has launched a new General Election Results Hub, and will have spokespeople available for interview throughout the next week.

The ERS Results Hub will be a live stream of all the breaking election results – with instant analysis, re-usable graphs/charts and comparisons between regions and constituencies.

The ERS Results Hub will update in real-time through the night with instant analysis. The dashboard will update the results live as they come in, with immediate stats for each constituency and region.

The dashboard will also show:
– The top 10 smallest margins of victory UK-wide
– The smallest shares of the vote needed to win
– The percentage of voters with an MP they didn’t vote for
– The percentage vote and seat change
– The votes per seat for each party
– The number of voters unrepresented per constituency
– Ranking constituencies for smallest margin of victory
– Ranking consistencies for smallest share of the vote needed to win
All the above data will also be broken down within nations and regions.

The Full Results Hub can be found at – bookmark it today: https://ge2019.electoral-reform.org.uk/

ERS spokespeople will be available for comment on the elections – both on the day and throughout the election period.

The ERS will be available for comment over the next week on:

  • Turnout and general election commentary/statistics
  • The importance of voting on the day
  • The electoral system, voting process and administration
  • Diversity/representation
  • Tactical voting and pacts
  • Parliamentary outcomes e.g. a hung parliament

Contact details:

  • Press Office (office hours) – 020 3743 6062, mediaoffice@electoral-reform.org.uk
  • Out of office hours:  077 9472 8820. Please send a text message with your inquiry, name and organisation and we’ll get back to you

Spokespeople at the Electoral Reform Society in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff:

  • Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society (London)
  • Willie Sullivan, Senior Director of the ERS and Director of ERS Scotland (Edinburgh and London)
  • Jess Blair, Director of ERS Cymru (Cardiff)
  • Dr Jess Garland, Director of Policy and Research (London)

The Electoral Reform Society is the UK’s longest-standing and most prominent organisation campaigning for a better democracy.

We act as the ‘pressure group for voters’ – supporting citizens’ voices at the ballot box and beyond – and work with politicians, academics, supporters, and other organisations to put our principles into practice. 

Latest updates and comment throughout the election period: http://www.twitter.com/electoralreform

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