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Westminster Beyond Brexit Briefing

The health of our democracy is failing. Westminster’s outdated, broken voting system and unelected House of Lords reinforce Westminster’s power-hoarding tendencies, leaving voters powerless and distant from where decisions are made, with no real say...

Posted 25 May 2019

Westminster Beyond Brexit Ending the Politics of Division

Hereditary peers: By-elections briefing January 2019

Download a pdf of the briefing (180.1KB pdf) The result of the most recent hereditary peer by-election will be announced on Wednesday 23 January. This by-election was called following the death of Lord Skelmersdale on...

Posted 22 Jan 2019

Hereditary peers: By-elections briefing July 2018

Download briefing as a pdf (214.3KB pdf) Two hereditary peerage by-elections are currently underway in the House of Lords. These follow the retirement of the 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (9 May), grandson of Stanley...

Posted 04 Jul 2018

House of Lords ‘abolition’ – Westminster Hall debate

Download Briefing (149.3KB pdf) Westminster Hall debate 4:30pm, Monday 18th June 2018 From its ever-expanding size, to its challenges to the government’s Brexit legislation, questions about the House of Lords are being asked – urgently and...

Posted 18 Jun 2018

Hereditary peers: By-elections briefing

Download the briefing (408.5KB pdf) Jess Garland, Research Advisor, Electoral Reform Society July 2017 The result of the most recent hereditary peer by-election will be announced on Wednesday 19 July. This by-election was called following...

Posted 28 Jun 2017

Lord Speaker’s committee on the size of the House inquiry

Download Submisison (511.2KB pdf)   The Electoral Reform Society is an independent campaigning organisation working to champion the rights of voters and build a better democracy in Britain. The Society welcomes the growing consensus that...

Posted 14 Feb 2017

PACAC Lords Inquiry

Download Submission (388.5KB pdf) ‘Is the House of Lords an effective second chamber?’ January 10th, 2017 Electoral Reform Society submission to Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) Inquiry on the Size and Composition of...

Posted 10 Jan 2017