Parliamentary Briefings

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Briefing on local STV for Members of the Senedd

Download as PDF (124.7KB pdf) ERS Cymru welcomes the move to permissive proportional representation (PR) for local government elections as set out in the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill as a step forward in...

Posted 27 Oct 2020

Single Transferable Vote STV

Briefing on improving electoral registration rates among attainers

Download as a pdf (141.8KB pdf) Parliamentary Constituencies Bill (Report Stage) – AMENDMENT 16 (see appendix for full amendment and cross-party signatories).  What is the problem? The Parliamentary Constituencies Bill 2019-21 proposes using the electoral...

Posted 06 Oct 2020

Young voters

Position on Mandatory Voter ID October 2020

Download as PDF (209.5KB pdf) Elections in the UK have extremely low levels of proven electoral fraud. Data provided by the Electoral Commission each year consistently show that there is no large-scale evidence of electoral...

Posted 01 Oct 2020

Bromley Voter ID billboard

Briefing on the Democracy in the Dark Report

Download as PDF (130.5KB pdf) Democracy is about empowering citizens so they can actively take part in our political processes and make an informed decision at the ballot box. Transparency, fairness and accountability in political...

Posted 24 Sep 2020

Democracy in the Dark Preview