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London’s Local Elections: Lessons from Scotland

Download as PDF (105.9KB pdf) In May 2022, local elections will take place throughout Scotland and Wales, as well as in many parts of England, including the election of all local councillors in Greater London....

Posted 28 Apr 2022

London Eye

Options for Electing a Diverse Senedd

Download as a PDF (698.5KB pdf) This briefing discusses a number of the different electoral systems under consideration as part of the negotiations on Senedd Reform; the Single Transferable Vote and the three variants of...

Posted 08 Apr 2022

The Senedd

Why councillors in Wales should back STV

Why now? The Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 seeks to revitalise democracy at council level. One of the provisions enables local authorities to have the choice between maintaining the First Past The Post...

Posted 09 Mar 2022

Irish STV Ballots

Position on the Supplementary Vote

Download as a PDF (182.8KB pdf) Following an initial announcement trailed in March at the conclusion of Part One of the Home Office’s PCC Review,[1] the government confirmed that it would be scrapping the Supplementary...

Posted 04 Feb 2022

London Polling Station

Briefing on the Elections Bill – Report stage

Download as PDF (284.3KB pdf) Introduction The Elections Bill is a significant piece of legislation which, in some areas, will make considerable controversial changes to the conduct and administration of our elections. Despite its stated ambitions,...

Posted 12 Jan 2022

Do you have your ID?

Briefing on the Elections Bill – Second Reading

Download as PDF (173.6KB pdf) The Elections Bill is a significant piece of legislation with far-reaching consequences for the way our elections are held. It should be given time for thorough parliamentary scrutiny. There is a clear...

Posted 06 Sep 2021

Voter ID queue

Briefing on Mandatory Voter ID at the Polling Station

Download briefing as PDF (306.9KB pdf) As set out in the Queen’s Speech, the government is committed to introducing mandatory voter identification requirements at the polling station as part of its Elections Bill.[1] This legislation...

Posted 02 Jul 2021

Voter ID queue