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What is STV?

The Single Transferable Vote explained.

Posted 01 Feb 2011

What is STV

What is AV?

The Alternative Vote explained.

Posted 01 Jul 2010

What is AV

‘Reduce and Equalise’ & the governance of Wales

The paper analyses the effect that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition’s proposals to cut the number of MPs in Westminster would have in Wales, and in particular on the National Assembly.

Posted 01 May 2010

Reduce and Equalise Wales

Working with STV

A report for Parties and Councillors. By Dr Martin Steven

Posted 01 Jan 2010

Working with STV

16 Reasons for Votes at 16

16 reasons to lower the voting age to 16 in all UK public elections and why reform is necessary, fair and long overdue.

Posted 27 May 2008

16 Reasons for Votes at 16