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Democratic ambitions for Scotland (SNP Conference)

Join the discussion on how citizens in Scotland can have more control over how their country is run. In recent years there have been important campaigns for enhanced local democracy, increased lobbying transparency and for...

Posted 23 Sep 2022

SNP conference 2022

ERS Scotland’s State of Scottish Democracy lecture

ERS Scotland is hosting an annual lecture on the state of Scottish democracy. ERS Scotland is proud to host the inaugural State of Scottish Democracy lecture. Is Scottish democracy healthy at a local and national...

Posted 20 Sep 2022

State of Scottish Dmeocracy

2022 Conference and AGM

This year we were delighted to be joined by leading academic Professor Ailsa Henderson from the University of Edinburgh and Mick Antoniw MS, Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution in Wales. The day started with...

Posted 12 Jul 2022

ERS members

ERS Scotland: Our plans for the years ahead

At ERS Scotland we are constantly monitoring the political seas and updating our course to make sure we have the proper heading. Following this year’s local elections, the elections to the Scottish Parliament in 2021,...

Posted 24 May 2022

Much more can be achieved to build a Scottish democracy fit for the the 21st Century

The Power of Preferences: STV in Scottish Local Elections

Much talk of the need for electoral reform focuses on Westminster and the goal of a proportionally elected House of Commons. But while the UK Parliament, and almost all of England’s elections, are still held...

Posted 26 Apr 2022

The Power of Preferences_STV in Scottish Local Elections preview