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Our top 5 most read blogs of 2018

This time of year, we take a look back on our most popular articles of the year. A lot has happened: But what were you, our dear reader, most interested in this year? Here’s our...

Posted 20 Dec 2018

2018 blog round up

ERS in the Press – October 2018

This month we’ve had some fantastic coverage of our issues in the press, here’s just a highlight. Calls to lower UK voting age as Welsh assembly considers change. Our call for a “united franchise” –...

Posted 30 Oct 2018

Newspaper Pile

2018 Conference and AGM

This year we returned to the Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre in London following last years hugely successful event in Birmingham. Our free conference featured top speakers, interesting workshops and informative debates – and opportunities to...

Posted 03 Oct 2018

Members eating

Our top 5 most read blogs of 2017

This time of year, we take a look back on our most popular articles of the year. A lot has happened: snap elections, threats to impose first-past-the-post and the ever-reliable annual House of Lords scandal....

Posted 20 Dec 2017


Meet the new ERS Council

After a well-contested election, the Electoral Reform Society have a new Council to govern the Society for the next two years. Nearly 700 members took part, with 39 candidates standing for the 15 seats available....

Posted 28 Nov 2017

Hands up voting

Why you should stand for the ERS Council

This year, I’ll be standing down from the ERS Council – and it’s been one of the more rewarding, challenging, interesting and sometimes downright fun experiences I’ve had in the past few years.  After 6...

Posted 02 Oct 2017

Amy Dodds

This is your chance to steer the movement for fair votes

Do you have the skills the Electoral Reform Society needs for the future? This year our members are electing the ERS’ Council – it’s the governing body of the Society, with ultimate responsibility for its...

Posted 29 Sep 2017

Darren Hughes

2017 Conference and AGM

The Society’s Conference (AGM) is a chance for our members to come together, meet our staff and have their say. This year’s Conference was held on 2 December, at Maple House, Birmingham. The following documents were...

Posted 27 Sep 2017

Members eating