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As I move on from the ERS, I know that we can win

By Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society Today is my last day at the ERS. What a journey it’s been. My time since joining in 2010 has been an exciting period –...

Posted 30 Jun 2017

Katie Ghose

An exciting time to join ERS Cymru

As she joins us as the new Director of ERS Cymru, Jess Blair sets out the challenges and opportunities for deepening Welsh democracy. In the last twelve months the political landscape across the world has...

Posted 14 Mar 2017

Welsh Assembly

Here’s to our members and supporters

This Saturday we held our largest members and supporters conference and AGM for many years – topping off what has been a great campaigning year for the ERS. It was a fantastic success, and it...

Posted 08 Dec 2016

Members eating

The next four years for reform: our 2020 strategy

Over the past few years, the Electoral Reform Society has gone from strength to strength. As the world’s oldest pro-democracy organisation, we have a long history of fighting to build a better democracy. And now...

Posted 07 Sep 2016

In memory of Lord Avebury

On 14th February 2016 Lord Avebury, or Eric Lubbock, sadly passed away. Lord Avebury, a Liberal Democrat Peer, was a proud democratic reformer throughout his life, campaigning for proportional representation and a range of democratic causes. He...

Posted 15 Feb 2016