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How do elections work in Estonia?

Estonia is undoubtedly one of eastern Europe’s biggest success stories since the collapse of communism – its economy has developed quickly (with a GDP (PPP) per capita now on a par with Japan) and it...

Posted 25 Feb 2023

Estonia scores highly on all democracy indices

What are the alternatives to First Past the Post?

Westminster’s First Past the Post system means we don’t get a parliament that fully represents the voting public. Millions of people can support one party and get a single MP, while a few hundred thousand...

Posted 19 Jan 2023

There are lots of options for upgrading Westminsters system

How do elections work in Latvia?

Latvia’s election this Saturday (1st October) has been in the calendar for a while – a referendum is required to dissolve the Latvian parliament early. Such a vote can be called either by the president,...

Posted 15 Sep 2022

In Latvia most parties are broadly right-of-centre

How do elections work in Sweden?

Sunday 11th September is election day in Sweden – where voters can elect a new parliament and decide the make-up of the country’s regional and municipal councils – all Swedish political bodies are elected to...

Posted 29 Aug 2022

Swedish ballots

How do elections work in Slovenia?

The process of democratisation since the collapse of communism has not been uniform across eastern Europe, but some countries, such as the Baltic states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, are now drawing level with established...

Posted 21 Apr 2022

Slovenia uses an interesting and unusual system of proportional representation