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The top 5 most-read ERS articles from 2022

Every year we have a look through the stats to see which of our articles were the most popular with readers in the year coming to a close. So if you missed them the first...

Posted 15 Dec 2022

Most read articles of 2022

Voter ID list gives few options for younger voters

Long-awaited details of the government’s voter ID scheme have now finally been released including details of which IDs will be accepted at the polling station. With no alternatives for voters who turn up on the...

Posted 11 Nov 2022

Oyster cards

ERS in the Press: January 2022

Scandal and crisis at the heart of government have dominated the news as we begin 2022. Yet in a packed news cycle of covid regulation breaking parties in Downing Street, and a pantomime-esque will-they-won’t-they over...

Posted 04 Feb 2022

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