Local Elections Poster

We’ve created free to use resources for two of our main campaigns, the fight for proportional representation for the House of Commons, and elections for the House of Lords.

The packs below include flyers and posters you can print at home or professionally as well as presentations you can use when talking to groups and graphics you can use on social media.

We’ve also created a poster you can use during local elections.

Click the links below to download the resources you want.

A Zip file will appear in your downloads folder, double-clicking this file should make a folder with the resources. If you are having problems here are instructions for Windows and Mac.

Leaflets are designed to be printed on A4 and folded in half – ‘Half fold leaflets’. The Home Print file is designed for a normal office or home printer, the Pro Print is designed to be given to a print shop, or uploaded to a printing service.