A Better Referendum

A Better Referendum

How well informed did the public feel about the pros and cons of Britain's membership of the EU? We spent the campaign polling the public on how informed they felt.

People wanted a real, informed debate about Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

We saw in Scotland during the independence referendum what can happen when people feel informed about an important decision and empowered to take part. People were crying out for the full information they needed to get to grips with the EU referendum debate, and for the space to have those discussions.

We made 5 recommendations:

  1. The Remain and Leave campaigns to commit to taking part in televised debates on the EU referendum
  2. The campaigns to make voter registration a key plank of their plans
  3. The campaigns to support initiatives aimed at giving citizens a chance to debate the issues in more depth, for example by providing speakers for local debates
  4. The campaigns to commit to a ‘Ceasefire Week’, where both sides only put out the positive cases for their arguments
  5. Media organisations, relevant public bodies and non-governmental organisations to commit to providing balanced coverage of the debate, including clear and comprehensible facts on Britain’s relationship with the EU

At the end of the campaigns we looked back on our polling and produced a fresh set of recommendations for how referendums should be conducted in future.

A Better Referendum

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