Reforming the House of Lords

house of lords reform
Reforming the House of Lords
It's time for an elected second chamber

Reforming the House of Lords

If you help decide how Britain is run, you should be elected by the British public. That’s democracy.

Whilst some members of the House of Lords work hard, the House of Lords as a whole costs far too much for an institution that fails to represent the British public.

Effective scrutiny?

Independent Experts?

  • From 1997-2012 29% of those granted peerages were former MPs or MEPs
  • In 2012 one quarter of Lords were former MPs
  • Of the 117 new members appointed between 2010-2012, half are were former MPs or former local Councillors
  • 1/3 of independent 'crossbench' peers didn't vote at all from 2009-2010.

Representing the UK?

  • Professional experience amongst peers is concentrated in the field of representational politics.
  • The manual and skilled trades, policing and transport only represented in 1% of the chamber each.
  • Seats are guaranteed for Bishops of the Church of England, but not for representatives of the churches of Wales, Scotland or any other faith leaders.

What's the cost?

  • The House of Lords is already the second biggest legislative chamber in the world.
  • Appointing 50 more Peers would cost at least £1.3m, while an additional 100 peers - a prospect very much on the table - would cost at least £2.6m.
  • To ‘rebalance’ the upper chamber in line with the 2015 General Election results - without kicking out Peers en masse - would require an additional 704 Peers, bringing the number to 1490. Unelected lawmakers would outnumber our elected MPs by more than two to one.
  • The net operating costs of the House of Lords in 2013-4 was £93.1m, approximately equivalent to £118k per peer.
  • During the period spanning February 2014 to January 2015 £21,424,729 was spent on Lords allowances and expenses, with the average peer receiving £25,826. 

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