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Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) Briefing

Download PDF (535.4KB pdf) Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) would mean that all eligible voters are put directly on the electoral rolls ensuring that the millions of missing voters are registered and that no one needlessly...

Posted 02 May 2024

Position on the Supplementary Vote

Download as a PDF (182.8KB pdf) Following an initial announcement trailed in March at the conclusion of Part One of the Home Office’s PCC Review,[1] the government confirmed that it would be scrapping the Supplementary...

Posted 04 Feb 2022

London Polling Station

Briefing on 2019 General Election ERS Report

Download as a pdf (200.3KB pdf) In an election campaign characterised by uncertainty and volatility, it came as a surprise to many that the result should be such a decisive majority for one party. The...

Posted 20 Dec 2019

2019 General Election Report Share

Debate Briefing on Proportional Representation

Download Briefing (229.3KB pdf) We welcome Tuesday’s debate on Proportional Representation (PR). The polarising Westminster voting system is fundamentally out of sync with how voters want to be represented today. Study after study shows voters...

Posted 23 Apr 2019

Debate Briefing on Proportional Representation

Download as PDF (403.1KB pdf) Briefing The Electoral Reform Society warmly welcomes the decision to debate the petition ‘To make votes matter, adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections’ in Westminster Hall on 30th October 2017....

Posted 25 Oct 2017