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What We Stand For

The Electoral Reform Society is an independent organisation leading the campaign for your democratic rights.

The Electoral Reform Society is the UK’s leading voice for democratic reform. We operate on a simple premise – that politics can be better than it is. We work with everyone – from political parties, civil society groups and academics to our own members and supporters and the wider public – to campaign for a better democracy in the UK.

Our vision is of a democracy fit for the 21st century, where every voice is heard, every vote is valued equally, and every citizen is empowered to take part. We make the case for lasting political reforms, we seek to embed democracy into the heart of public debate, and we foster the democratic spaces which encourage active citizenship.

The ERS is ambitious about far-reaching changes to the way politics works, working across our three offices in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh to build a better democracy.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. To have public authorities in the UK elected by proportional representation and specifically by the Single Transferable Vote.
  2. That the democratic institutions of the UK, its nations and regions and other constituent parts work in ways that lead to citizens having high levels of trust in them.
Read a summary of our 2021-2024 strategy