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More votes but fewer seats? Surely you’re joking?

Imagine if at the next General Election one party received the most votes, but another – with fewer votes – returned more MPs. It sounds wholly unfair, undemocratic and absurd. But that is exactly what...

Posted 05 Mar 2018

Seven reasons to cancel the cut in the number of MPs

Six months ago it appeared that controversial changes to electoral boundaries were to be dropped by the government. There has never been a great appetite for the number of MPs to be cut from 650...

Posted 19 Feb 2018

Five reforms still needed to ensure women are fairly represented in politics

The Representation of the People Act 1918 was undoubtedly a significant step forward for women’s rights and democracy.  It gave the to vote to around 8.5 million women previously disenfranchised and abolished almost all property restrictions on men.  One hundred years later and both...

Posted 06 Feb 2018

A portrait of the leader of the Women's Suffragette movement, Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst (left) and her daughters Christabel (centre) and Sylvia (right) at Waterloo Station, London. Mrs Pankhurst was about to leave for a lecture tour of the USA and Canada.