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ERS General Election 2019 Briefing

Download as a pdf (200.3KB pdf) In an election campaign characterised by uncertainty and volatility, it came as a surprise to many that the result should be such a decisive majority for one party. The...

Posted 20 Dec 2019

A UK-wide Constitutional Convention

Download briefing as a .pdf file (211.3KB pdf) Context The Supreme Court ruling is the latest sign that the ‘gentleman’s agreements’ of our unwritten constitution have broken down leaving our democracy vulnerable. We need to...

Posted 25 Sep 2019

What Are Citizens’ Assemblies?

Citizens’ assemblies are a form of deliberative democracy: processes through which citizens can engage in open, respectful and informed discussion and debate with their peers on a given issue.

Posted 08 Jul 2019

PACAC Electoral Law Inquiry Written Evidence

Download as pdf (165.8KB pdf) Executive Summary Simplifying, updating and consolidating electoral law is long overdue and will assist with improving voters’ experience. It is essential that we have robust, clear and coherent electoral laws...

Posted 10 Jun 2019

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