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Electoral Reform Society Scotland is the Scotland's leading authority on elections, democracy and political power.

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ERS Scotland researches the effectiveness of representative democracy in Scotland, campaigns for improvements in the systems and processes of government, and seeks to promote debate and discussion about Scotland’s democratic future.


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The ERS Scotland team

Willie Sullivan
Director, ERS Scotland

Willie is the Director of ERS Scotland. He has worked at senior levels in the business, voluntary and public sector. He was the Campaign consultant on the successful Fairshare Campaign for introduction of STV for Scottish Local Government and was Campaign Director for Vote for a Change, the campaign to secure a referendum on electoral reform.

Willie was seconded to be Head of Field Operations for the Yes campaign in the UK wide AV referendum. He also has been a paid political advisor to senior politicians in the UK and Scottish governments.

Phil Connor
Phil Connor
Campaigns Organiser

Phil is an experienced campaigner and organiser who has worked in the democratic reform sector since 2007. His previous roles include working for Scottish think tank Common Weal, Vote for a Change, Power 2010 and the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign. He is also currently the coordinator of the proportional representation lobby group Make Votes Count.

Jonathon Shafi
Jonathon Shafi
Campaigns Organiser

Before joining ERS, Jonathon was a senior researcher for an independent MSP in the Scottish Parliament where he worked on a range of issues including efforts to develop extended political communication to rural Scotland. He has a long standing interest in political engagement and brings the experience of various social movements aimed at raising democratic participation amongst groups of people who often feel alienated the political system. He holds a joint Honours degree in Politics and Sociology, and has work published on a range of outlets.

Alice Kinghorn-Gray
Campaigns Organiser