Forward planning note: December 5th declared ‘Democracy Day’ amid party silence on political reform

Posted on the 26th November 2019

The Electoral Reform Society have called on parties and campaigners to debate plans for political reform on the 5th December, amid a ‘deafening silence’ on the issue of Britain’s constitutional crisis.

The ERS point to a collapse in trust in politics and politicians [1], with Westminster’s political system coming under a crisis of legitimacy – made worse by the continued influence of the unelected Lords, the prorogation debacle, and an ‘epidemic’ of tactical voting/parties standing down this election.

The ERS are calling for parties, campaigners and the media to use December 5th as a key date in the electoral calendar to discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ – the need to reform how politics works in Britain.

The independent democracy organisation are co-hosting a series of events across the UK on the day to highlight issues of constitutional reform, and speak up for voters’ rights.

The ERS are calling for this to be the last election held under Westminster’s ‘unjust and undemocratic’ First Past the Post system.

ERS-led events on December 5th

Manchester: ERS-backed Democracy Day launch event at the People’s History Museum, featuring speakers from across parties. Register here or contact press office:

London: ERS/Institute for Government event on Westminster’s electoral system. Register here or contact press office:

Aberdeen: ERS Scotland and the University of Aberdeen’s joint public debate on Scotland’s citizens’ assembly. Register here or contact press office:


The Electoral Reform Society are the UK’s campaign group for political reform. The ERS push for pro-democracy policies including proportional representation to amplify the voice of voters.


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