One day left to get clued up about your #EUref vote

Electoral Reform Society,

Posted on the 22nd June 2016

The below is an open letter to voters for the last day before the referendum by a number of organisations who have been pushing for a better referendum debate.

Voting requires confidence and a decent, informed debate. For the past few months, our organisations have been pushing tools to help create that debate.

Today is your last chance to get clued up before you vote tomorrow.

Sadly, polling shows that under a third of voters say they feel well-informed about this referendum. So we’ve come together to say there’s one last chance to remedy that.

Between us, we’ve helped around five million voters learn the facts and arguments on this crucial vote.

This referendum will be decided by who decides to turn out and why. To truly settle this issue once and for all, we must ensure that as many voters from a variety of backgrounds turn up and vote to truly represent this country and our future.

As people who have worked in the democratic space for decades advising many millions of voters on their choices in the run up to a vote, we are more worried about the scale of misinformation and spin in this referendum then any vote prior to it.  Our job has been to cut through the noise – and we have found that this referendum has been by far the nosiest.

The UK leads the world in many aspects of society, none so much more then democracy. As the birthplace of modern democracy and parliamentary law, we as a nation have decided to bestow power to the hands of the people for the people. However with this power comes great responsibility, and we believe that this power is being manipulated by a referendum debate that has let the public down.

This is arguably the most important vote in a lifetime, on a scale that we’re unlikely to see again in a generation. Whilst millions have made up their mind there are still many who have not, and to those we say this; The decision you’re about to make will change your life, this country and the world, never has so much power been given to you to decide your own future.

We urge that before any vote is cast, you take time to sit and consider the potential ramifications of your vote. No one knows what the future holds and there are high degrees of uncertainty, more so with voting to leave then to remain. However, both options have consequences that you must be aware of. So today, take a considered opinion when reviewing your options.

Between us we’ve laid out a series of tools to help you equip yourself with the essential information we believe you need to cast an informed vote. These are all not for profit, non-partisan and independent tools built by groups, individuals and charities who all share a common mission of ensuring that this referendum empowers voters and showcases the very best of democracy rather than baffles and belittles it.

So today, check out:

Don’t regret not cluing up when you go to the polls tomorrow. Go with the confidence and assurance that you’ve made an informed choice.  

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