30 Nov 2015

Putting PR in Parliament

UPDATE: We've just found out the Bill will no longer be heard on Wednesday. Thanks to the 5000+ who have written to their MPs. We will give an update as soon as we hear more about if/when the motion will be rescheduled. ---- It’s not an opportunity that comes up very often, so this is an important one: this Wednesday, MPs will have a chance to back proportional representation in Parliament. May 7 […]
26 Nov 2015

The long and the Short of it

On Wednesday, the Chancellor announced his decision to cut public funding for opposition parties by a fifth. This ‘Short money’ - funding which goes to opposition parties in order to level the playing field and ensure democratic scrutiny – will be stripped back in an attempt to ‘cut the cost of politics’. The reason for Short money is simple. While the Government can rely on the vast resources of […]
24 Nov 2015

Caroline Lucas MP: "We can’t let our constitution be rewritten behind closed doors"

This is a guest post from Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion Devolution deals signed across the country with barely any public involvement, and a review of the House of Lords led by a Conservative hereditary Peer – it seems that our constitution is being re-shaped behind closed doors. Let’s start with devolution. Plans to hand councils more powers are being signed across the country as we […]
20 Nov 2015

Citizens want a say on devolution

Last weekend was the final of two ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ across the UK as part of a ground-breaking project to engage the public in the devolution debate. And one thing that kept coming up was that citizens want a say over the plans to hand councils more powers. Residents from Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas took part in first ever ‘ Citizens’ Assembly ’ on local […]
11 Nov 2015

Yorkshire citizens want a stronger Northern Powerhouse

It turns out that when given a chance to have a say, the public do care about the government’s devolution plans – and they want their voice to be heard. That’s the message from last weekend’s ‘ Citizens’ Assembly ’ in Sheffield. Last weekend South Yorkshire residents came together for the final weekend of the Assembly. These local people debated and then voted for a stronger devolution deal in […]
10 Nov 2015

Red cards and re-negotiations

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron has written to President of the European Council Donald Tusk setting out his demands for a renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the European Union. One of the four planks of the PM’s position is on national sovereignty. He wants to “enhance the role of national parliaments, by proposing a new arrangement where groups of national parliaments, acting together […]
4 Nov 2015

Citizens’ Assemblies: Your Chance to Have a Say on Local Democracy

UPDATE: The deadline for submissions to the Citizens' Assemblies has now been extended to late December (final date TBC) Citizens in South Yorkshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight are invited to take part in an exciting new project to have their say on local democracy. With the government giving more power to councils, Sheffield and Southampton are hosting the UK’s first ever ‘ […]
29 Oct 2015

Politics Can Be Confusing; Explaining It Doesn’t Have To Be

This is a guest post from Joel Davidge. Joel is an actor, writer and lead contributor at Scenes of Reason; a new media outlet explaining the news for young adults. It’s time for a media outlet which doesn’t assume you have a degree in international relations. No-one likes being made to feel stupid. Most of us will know the embarrassment we feel when called out on our lack of knowledge. Yet this […]
28 Oct 2015

Revealed: the true scale of opposition to our unelected Lords

The full extent of opposition to our unreformed House of Lords has been revealed…the day after the government announced their ‘rapid review’ into the powers of the upper chamber. Today we’ve released polling showing that just 10% of the public think that the House of Lords should remain a fully-unelected chamber. Needless to say, that’s a pretty low level of support to base an institution’s […]
27 Oct 2015

At last, the PM can deal with his ‘regret’ over lack of Lords reform

Well, it looks like House of Lords reform is back on the table. In case you missed it, last night the government was defeated on two key votes over cuts to tax credits in the House of Lords. Pretty much immediately after, the Prime Minister said there would be a ‘ rapid review ’ of the House of Lords in the wake of the vote. It’s an interesting development, in part because the Prime Minister said […]