5 Feb 2016

Time for a Registration Revolution

Today is National Voter Registration day, launched by our friends at Bite the Ballot . Voter registration is an integral part of our democracy. If you’re not registered you can’t vote. Electoral boundaries are now also drawn based on the register , meaning under registration could lead to distortions in the boundaries. In December 2015 Britain finished the biggest change to electoral registration […]
4 Feb 2016

Leanne Wood: Ni angen deddf Cynrychiolaeth y Bobl Cymreig

Mae hwn yn blog gwadd gan Leanne Wood, arweinydd Plaid Cymru . Mae'r farn a fynegir yma yn un yr awdur ac nid ydynt o reidrwydd yn adlewyrchu barn yr Electoral Reform Society. Yr wythnos hon trefnodd y Gymdeithas Diwygio Etholiadol ddadl yn Aberystwyth ar y testun ‘Democratiaeth.’ Fel y prif siaradwr, cefais y cyfle i amlinellu cynlluniau Plaid Cymru i greu llywodraeth fwy hygyrch, agored ac […]
4 Feb 2016

Leanne Wood: We need a Welsh Representation of the People Act

This is a guest blog by Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru. The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Electoral Reform Society. This week the Electoral Reform Society organised a debate event in Aberystwyth on democracy. As the keynote speaker, I was given the opportunity to outline Plaid Cymru’s proposals for opening up and making our government […]
3 Feb 2016

Don't rush the referendum: June is too soon

On Tuesday, David Cameron announced the details of the government’s initial ‘renegotiation deal’ with the EU in the run up to the referendum. It clears the way for the ballot to be held in June - something some politicians are keen on. But since that’s only four months away, it’s not a lot of time to have a full debate about this major constitutional issue. There’s also another issue though: it […]
1 Feb 2016

Iowan Explanation - The raucous in the caucus explained

No election grabs the world’s attention quite like an American election does. This is largely because whatever else might be the case, the US is still the world’s superpower. But there is also something inherently dramatic about the US political process, with its attack ads , colourful politicians and lengthy campaigns. Today marks the beginning of the US contest, with the Iowa Caucuses marking […]
29 Jan 2016

The TV debates in Wales need to include all six parties

It’s less than 100 days until the Assembly elections in Wales (and Scotland, Northern Ireland and the London Assembly for that matter). The election debate is heating up. So broadcasters are making their plans for televised election broadcasts – including who exactly will feature on them… Electoral Reform Society Cymru are calling on media outlets in Wales to include all six major parties in […]
27 Jan 2016

Q&A with Katie Ghose: "We need a democracy fit for the 21st century"

The interview below was first published by the online magazine Blue & Green Tomorrow . Katie became Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society in 2010. A campaigner and barrister with a background in human rights law and immigration, she served as a Commissioner on the Independent Asylum Commission from 2006-2008, where she helped to conduct the biggest ever independent review of the UK […]
25 Jan 2016

5 Myths About the Scottish Lobbying Bill

This is a guest post by Pete Mills from Unlock Democracy In the first week back after Christmas, MSPs debated a Bill to introduce a lobbying register designed to let ordinary people know who is trying to influence our politicians. During the debate, we heard powerful calls from MSPs - including the influential Standards Committee - to expand the register so that it gives a clear picture of […]
21 Jan 2016

One small step towards cleaning up the big donor culture

Sometimes it’s the small victories that count. On Wednesday we released polling by BMG showing that 77% of the public think big donors have too much influence over our parties. And on the same day, Peers heeded the public by voting to set up a cross-party committee on party funding reform. The move comes amidst growing concern that the Trade Union Bill is completely one-sided in its approach to […]
20 Jan 2016

Let's get party funding reform right

The issue of how our parties are funded is at the core of Parliamentary democracy. And today, peers in the House of Lords are debating a major change to the current system in the Trade Union Bill that’s currently going through Parliament. The change is a significant one - but it's one-sided. By insisting in the Bill that union members should ‘opt-in’ to unions’ political funds, the Government […]