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ERS in the Press – August 2020

As governments respond to the global pandemic, the issue of how voters are represented has not gone away. In fact, in many ways, it has become more salient. PR in the public eye In August,...

Posted 04 Sep 2020

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Most of us don’t agree with a single party across all issues

The ‘policy comparison’ tool Vote for Policies crunched the numbers from the 1.1 million responses to their pre-election survey in 2019. Vote for Policies’ Matt Chocqueel-Mangan explains their findings. This is an edited version of...

Posted 17 Aug 2020

one party is rarely representative of our preferences

ERS in the Press – July 2020

Another Lords scandal, fighting for fair votes, and a spotlight on foreign interference: highlights from the ERS' campaigning in July.

Posted 10 Aug 2020