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6th September 2014
Sep 2014
Tags scotland
Event: What does a good Scottish democracy look like for women?
Venue: Scottish Youth Theatre, 105 Bruswick Street, Glasgow, G1 1TF
Starts: 11:00am
Ends: 4:00pm

ERS Scotland in association with Engender Scotland ask 'what does a good Scottish democracy look like for women?'

Less than two weeks before the independence referendum ERS Scotland will present the findings of our Democracy Max inquiry and ask Scottish women to discuss our suggestions for democratic reform, and tell us if they resonate with you and your lived experience. Do you think the ideas we have generated will improve democracy for women? 

We'll be discussing local democracy, citizen led decision making, constitutional reform, accountability, empowerment and more. This will be an interactive day of discussion with your sisters. We want to (briefly) share our ideas and then hear your voices.

We think this is an ideal time to think differently about how we do democracy in Scotland. Do you agree?

Register now to join us.  
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